Instrumentation: Wideband Laser Noise Canceller

> 60 dB of laser RIN cancellation out to > 10 MHz, about 100 times faster than current commercial devices

Spectroscopic-Detection Biochips Based on Photonic Waveguides

Using POEMS to design waveguides, coupling structures, and optical/chemical interaction regions; consulting on microfabrication issues

Bootstrap Charge Sensitive Front End

This is for for a scanning surface potential measurement tool, used in contamination detection in semiconductors: 40 attocoulomb sensitivity in a 4 MHz bandwidth

Nanoamp Laser Noise Canceller

This one is in cooperation with the Kuno biochemistry group at Notre Dame—A front end for picosecond spectroscopy with a filtered supercontinuum source. The interesting part about this one is that it has to have good cancellation performance down to about 10 nA, about 1000 times less than the original noise canceller or the New Focus Nirvana (which is closely modelled on my original design, except that mine is 40 times faster).

SWIR Grating Spectrometer Proof of Concept

This was a prototype of a transcutaneous (through-the-skin) sensor for blood glucose and blood alcohol.