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Photo Tour of EOI

EOI's new digs! These pictures were taken on August 24, 2011, about six weeks after I moved in. There's more stuff now.
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Dr. Philip C. D. Hobbs, Principal

Last significant update: March 26, 2012

ElectroOptical Innovations LLC, 160 North State Road, Suite 203, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 (914) 236-3005

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Office Table We'll start with my office door, and pan around to the right.
Click on any of the pictures for a full-resolution version.
Drawing Table
Since I do a lot of stuff on B-size vellum, the antique drafting table is appropriate.

The print is Botticelli's Madonna del Libro.
Drawing Table
Office Table
A clean office is a sign of an empty mind. Since
this picture was taken, I've acquired a second
computer for this room: a SuperMicro server with
dual 8-core, 64-bit Opterons, a hardware RAID 5
array, and a bunch of ECC memory, mostly to run
POEMS simulations for customers. It runs CentOS
6.3 Linux, with KVM/QEMU virtual machines for
Windows 7 and Windows XP. Its very high
bandwidth to main memory is its main virtue for
Office Bookshelf
I keep old databooks, because they have a lot of
curves and tables that aren't in the more recent
datasheets. I also like old technical books a
lot—the ones written by the guy who came up
with the concept are usually the clearest and
most compelling. I've bought a bunch more since.
      door seen from the reception area Optical breadboard in
At left, looking from the reception/whiteboard area into the lab.

Above, the optical breadboard, which has been cleared off because I'm about to build something else on it, showing the Burleigh WA20 Wavemeter and Electrophysics 7290 Pb-salt vidicon camera for 1.55 um IR, mounted on the indispensable Manfrotto Magic Arm.
Prototyping Area Electronic prototyping area, showing
original Mantis microscope,
Tek 475A scope,
classic Universal AVOMeter Model 8 Mk IV,
prototyping supplies, and a
postage-stamp workbench.
(It's since been supplemented with two much larger stainless steel/butcher block tables.)

There's lots more equipment here than appears in the photos. Here's a recently-updated partial Lab Equipment List. In addition, we have a large quantity of precision optics and micropositioning hardware, so we can test out new ideas very quickly.
Rack and Vidmar
      cabinet Rack full of top of the line test equipment, nicely broken in

From top:

HP 3325A synthesizer,
HP 5372A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer,
HP 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer,
Tektronix TDS744A 500 MHz 2 Gs/s Scope,
Tektronix 11802 20 GHz sampling scope with many plugins,
HP 8568B 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer,
Various amplifiers,
HP 339A Distortion Meter,
Krohn-Hite 202R Dual Filter 20Hz-2MHz,
EG&G PAR 5208 2-channel lock-in amplifier.
(On top of the rack is a carefully-engineered
smartphone add-on: a scope camera made from
a cardboard box.)

Also visible are a Tektronix 2467 microchannel-plate-CRT scope, which has the highest writing speed of any portable scope ever, and a 15-drawer Vidmar cabinet full of optical and electronics parts.

The sampling scope and a few of the smaller instruments came from a JDA partner, but otherwise all of this stuff was purchased on eBay in the last five years, for a few cents on the dollar.

I now have a lot more gear, e.g. a beautiful single-frequency green YAG laser, an equally beautiful Tek TDS 694C 3 GHz 10 Gs/s digital scope, an HP 8566B 22 GHz spectrum analyzer, more synthesizers and sweepers, a lock-in, another sampling scope, and so on--see the equipment list.

This is an amazingly good time to be setting up a lab, if you know what to look for.
Rack cabinet Storage Room
Storage room containing shelves full of
gnarly prototypes, as well as
a lot of optical and micropositioning stuff
HP 8620C microwave sweeper
Keithley 410 micro-microammeter (picoammeter)
Burleigh RC-110 Fabry-Perot interferometer
Burleigh RC-43 Ramp Generator for the above.
Admin/Visitor Office And last but not least, the admin/visitor office, which at the time these pictures were taken was still
pretty bare except for a writing desk, a chair, and a 'fridge.
It now has four vitally important items: an espresso machine, a microwave, a water cooler, and a nice comfortable couch for writing firmware in, but still needs some artwork.

Of course there are lots of things it needs yet...
a bunch more lasers of all kinds, especially some more quiet Nd:YAGs in
various wavelengths (especially 1064 and 1319 nm),
another EIA equipment rack,
a file cabinet,
some light metal-working capability, and so on.

I'll also eventually need a decent optical table,
but since I'm doing a lot of miniature stuff these days, 3x4 feet is good enough.
Other folks have suggested a pizza oven, but that's not allowed under my lease!

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ElectroOptical Innovations LLC, 160 North State Road, Suite 203, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 (914) 236-3005